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  • Salt nicotine

    Salt nicotine

    Salt nicotine Е-Salt BLUE
  • Salt nicotine

    Salt nicotine

    Salt nicotine Е-Salt WHITE
  • Salt nicotine

    Salt nicotine

    Salt nicotine Е-Salt YELLOW
  • Salt nicotine

    Salt nicotine

    Nicotine bitartrate dihydrate, 200 mesh white powder

Salt nicotine E-Salt

E-SALT nicotine

Distinctive features of salt nicotine E-SALT

  • High quality;
  • Low throathit;
  • High speed of assimilation;
  • Perfect for closed and cartridge systems;
  • Provides comfortable vaping at high concentrations of 20-50mg/g;
  • Significantly reduces the consumption of liquid for electronic cigarettes.

Salt nicotine E-SALT for electronic cigarettes is the basic component that allows you to create a new generation of liquids. This salt nicotine was developed by Evochemistry Co. ltd (Shenzhen) and manufactured in its own chemical production. The synthesis is carried out in a special reactor using the best raw materials, which has a maximum degree of purification equal to A. C. S. Each type of salt nicotine is designed for specific purposes.

Varieties of salt nicotine E-SALT

  • E-SALT RED: Universal salt nicotine with a minimal taste, suitable for all types of devices, has higher throathit indicators, lower blood digestibility in relation to E-SALT BLUE and E-SALT WHITE. It is not subject to strong oxidation, does not form carbon deposits;
  • E-SALT BLUE: It is the most optimal salt nicotine for closed and open cartridge systems, has a low throathit and a high rate of entry into the blood, has a light taste of its own at a concentration of 40 mg/g. The American company JUUL and PHIX uses just such salt nicotine in their cartridges. It does not form carbon deposits, is not subject to strong oxidation;
  • E-SALT WHITE: Salt nicotine with the highest rate of assimilation into the blood and very low throathit, has a slight taste at high concentrations, which is easily hidden and combined with any flavors. At low concentrations, it can be used on all types of devices. Many American manufacturers of liquids use a similar class of salt nicotine. It does not form carbon deposits, is not subject to strong oxidation.
  • E-SALT YELLOW: Salt nicotine with an average rate of assimilation into the blood and moderate TC, does not have its own taste, it is easily combined with any flavorings. It can be used with any devices. The digestibility of salt nicotine in the blood at the level of E-SALT RED. It does not form carbon deposits, is not subject to strong oxidation.
  • E-SALT MIXED: Salt nicotine with practically excluded disadvantages is a mixture in different proportions of 4 types of salt nicotines and 1 type not included in the basis of mono-salt, of its own manufacture. This mixture has excellent qualities at a low TC, without foreign tastes and does not distort the taste of aromas (from those that we have tested). There is also a high rate of absorption into the blood and does not spoil the coil.
  • Nicotine Bitartrate Dihydrate: Salt nicotine, white or light beige powder, particles of 0.1-0.15 mm, completely dry and stable, does not stick together, contains nicotine for oral and external use, for example, in tobacco snus, nicotine pouches, chewing gum, patches, sweets, etc., it is not allowed to be used for electronic cigarettes. It is a completely stable form of nicotine with a shelf life of 2 years without special conditions, the pharmacological form of nicotine.

E-Salt Blue nicotine + benzoic acid E-Salt White nicotine + calicylic acid E-Salt Yellow nicotine + levulinic acid E-Salt Red nicotine + nicotinic acid E-salt Mixed B+W+Y+R+F Nicotine Bitartrate Dihydrate
Maximum percentage of free base ~57% ~54% ~59% ~56% ~58% ~33%
CAS number 88660-53-1 29790-52-1 - - - 6019-06-3
pH level at a concentration of 100 mg/g ~6,5 ~5,4 ~4,5 ~7,1 ~6,8 ~3,3
Consistency in its pure form liquid *crystallizes at subzero temperatures powder liquid liquid liquid White crystalline powder, particle size 200mesh
Packaging1kg/5kg, in a chemically resistant container with a membrane and control of the first opening, sealed in aluminum bag
Concentrations available for implementation 100|200|570mg/g 100|200|540mmg/g 100|200|590mg/g 100|200mg/g 100|200mg/g 325mg/g
Scope of application Liquid for electronic cigarette patches, gum, candy, snus
The biggest demand is from 0 to 10 10 8 6 3 3 9
Throathit in liquid low low medium high low -
Peak values of blood absorption in seconds 5 4,5 4,7 5,2 5 -
Solubility in PG|VG high -
Shelf life, temperature 1 year |-25 °C to 5 °C, in a dark place protected from direct sunlight 2 year/ -25-25С
Formation of carbon deposits on the coil no no no low no yes
Aftertaste when vaping it has a slight taste at a concentration of 40 mg/g it has a slight taste at a concentration of 40 mg/g It does not have its own taste It has almost no taste of its own It does not have its own taste Not used in vaping
Evaporation temperature in vaping low Not used in vaping
Solubility in water high