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Сhina, 202, 9 floor Fuyin building, GonYe Road, Hainan province

  • Nicotine pouches - snus

    Nicotine pouches - snus

    Nicotine pouches, different taste and nicotine level
  • Gelatin capsules

    Gelatin capsules

    flavored nicotine capsules, that capsules dissolve in the mouth
  • Nicotine candy

    Nicotine candy

    Mint candy include nicotine

Our company produces a huge range of different nicotine delivery products. All products can be produced using synthetic nicotine and nicotine obtained from tobacco leaves.

Nicotine pouches or non-tobacco snus, there is a huge choice of nicotine concentration and taste list, the humidity of the pouches. We produce nicotine pouches only according to the correct technology in compliance with standards and pH balance, we do not use free-base nicotine in our products, as well as brands with world fame use nicotine bitartrate dihydrate (one of the few forms of salt nicotine for oral use), this allows nicotine pouches to remain white, without signs of nicotine oxidation during the prescribed shelf life. Also available to manufacture snus - nicotine pouches produced on the basis of synthetic nicotine, which is processed into synthetic nicotine bitartrate dihydrate. For some countries this is very important because the advantage of synthetic nicotine is that there no need to certify products which based on it.

Nicotine candy, unlimited range of shapes and sizes, color and taste list, with or without glaze. Our technologies and equipment allow us to produce high-quality sweets with nicotine content in large volumes. Every day we can produce up to one and a half million candies.

Nicotine spray, nicotine spray is one of the simplest forms of nicotine delivery, it is enough to spray into the mouth once and not wait much for the nicotine to be absorbed into the bloodstream, this will satisfy the need for nicotine and you will not need to light a cigarette.

Nicotine chewing gum, this product does not differ in composition from ordinary chewing gum that you are used to buying in a store, except that nicotine bitartrate dihydrate and a combined acidity regulator are added to it, while the taste of the product does not change and nicotine is not felt in the mouth.

Nicotine capsules, this is our exclusive development, a very convenient product for consumption, a gelatin capsule with liquid contents. Capsules can be of different sizes, colors and tastes. The use is extremely simple, one small capsule is put in the mouth and cracked, the flavored liquid with nicotine covers the oral cavity and nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucous membrane. And since the capsule consists of gelatin, it will dissolve and it can be swallowed.

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