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Сhina, 202, 9 floor Fuyin building, GonYe Road, Hainan province

  • Candy with JBA complex

    Candy with JBA complex

    An innovative product ready for OEM/ODM.
  • Pouches-snus with JBA complex

    Pouches-snus with JBA complex

    Continuation of the line of multidirectional products with the content of JBA conplex.
  • Premium spray with JBA complex

    Premium spray with JBA complex

    Refreshing spray for the oral cavity has its own feature, which is that the effect of JBA complex can be obtained only by using both bottles at once. If you use only one bottle, no matter which one, then you will get just fresh breath and nothing more.
  • Flavour ball with JBA complex

    Flavour ball with JBA complex

    Edible, flavored capsules with a unique effect.

JBA Complex

-It is a complex of derivatives of alkaloids obtained by organic synthesis that affect the central nervous system and brain receptors. The method of isolation of JBA and technological processes that exclude the ingress of foreign, harmful components of raw materials into the final product were developed by the company "Evochemistry Biotechnology Engineering” (Hong Kong-China), which is the manufacturer and copyright holder of this development, as well as other developments and patents related to products containing the JBA complex.

Depending on the dose, interaction with other substances, the method of application and individual sensitivity, JBA can have both a tonic and a sedative effect on the central nervous system, practically without affecting cognitive functions.

Products containing JBA are used for the prevention and relief of stressful states, panic attacks, increased anxiety, irritability, in reactive states, to increase the effectiveness of exercise sports training.

Feelings: when taken, it can be partially compared with alcohol intoxication, dizziness, slight violation of coordination of movements, increased blood pressure, relaxation of muscle tone, warmth, slight defocusing of vision due to pupil dilation, while cognitive functions are not affected (clarity of consciousness remains completely sober).

All products containing JBA are manufactured taking into account the balance of the ratio of tonic and sedative effects, the rate of JBA release, a comfortable pH and other conditions of use.

The effect: is short-term, becomes noticeable 30-60 seconds after the start of the reception, the peak occurs about 10 minutes after the reception, and passes about 20 minutes after the reception. (depends on the dose taken)

Alcohol potentiates the effect of JBA, in turn, JBA potentiates the effect of nicotine, which is associated with a similar effect of some alkaloids contained in JBA, and therefore it is not recommended to use JBA simultaneously with significant doses of alcohol and nicotine (active smoking, snus, and so on).

Overdose causes: severe weakness, increased blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, headache, vomiting, chills, trembling in the extremities. The symptoms are similar to those of a nicotine overdose. In case of overdose, it is recommended to provide air access, copious drinking, diuretics, enterosorbents. There were no long-term effects of overdose. Cases of chronic JBA poisoning have not been recorded, in rare cases individual intolerance. If undesirable symptoms persist, it is necessary to completely abandon the use of products containing JBA

Do not use JBA for pregnant and lactating women, minors, persons with increased convulsive readiness, heart rhythm disorders, hypertension, it is not recommended to use it while driving and when performing responsible, as well as high-altitude work.

The minimum recommended break between meals is at least 1 hour.


Excessive use can cause addiction and resistance, is not a drug.

Since we are the direct developers and manufacturers of JBA, we take the function of regulating products with JBA content. This substance will not be sold to manufacturers and consumers in its pure form. Our company can produce final products, as well as semi-finished products on an OEM basis based on your technical specification, if it does not go against the safety for the consumer. We own a large range of developments and our own production facilities. The range of applications of JBA-plasters, sweets, chewing gum, nicotine bags, snus, snuff, tobacco products, sprays, electronic cigarettes, hookah tobacco, etc..