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Сhina, 202, 9 floor Fuyin building, GonYe Road, Hainan province

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Сhina, 202, 9 floor Fuyin building, GonYe Road, Hainan province

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Evochemistry in details

Our products and raw materials are successfully sold all over the world under the brands of our customers


R&D Department

Highly qualified chemists with at least 10 years of experience in organic chemistry, technologists and engineers.


Raw materials

The key raw materials and all products are produced at our own facilities, without the involvement of third-party manufacturers. This allows us to keep the quality of raw materials at the level we need and not disclose trade secrets to third-party manufacturers and laboratories.



A huge base of equipment for the production of a full product cycle, including equipment of its own design and modernization. All this is aimed at full control of the products at every stage, so the products or raw materials from the idea to the packaging do not leave the walls of our production.

Guarantee of quality

We produce and develop only premium quality products, without compromises! All products and raw materials have laboratory tests and certificates, and the packaging of the final products is subjected to pressure and tightness tests in vacuum chambers.

Evochemistry in numbers


Patents for the JBA complex and products containing it, as well as nicotine bitartrate dihydrate


Units of professional equipment, from chemical reactors to packaging equipment


Industrial and laboratory premises are dust free and with climate control.


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Evochemistry Biotechnology Engineering - Chemical Evolution

Evochemistry Biotechnolgy Engineering was founded in 2016 as a developer and manufacturer of raw materials, the main directions are chemical developments in the fields of cannabis, CBD, THC, nicotine and nicotine salts, as well as other natural and synthesized alkaloids. Our main markets in China, USA and Europe. This allowed the company to find and create new niches in the market and start producing a large range of unique products that have no analogues on the world market. The company produces key raw materials and finished products at its own facilities, as well as provides supplies of raw materials for third-party manufacturers. Evochemistry holds patents related to JBA products and on the production method of certain nicotine salts.

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