Chemical production and development Evochemistry Biotechnology Engeneering

Сhina, Baoan district, hongxing community

Evochemistry Biotechnolgy Engeneering was founded in 2016 as a developer and manufacturer of raw materials, the main directions are chemical developments in the fields of cannabis, CBD, THC, nicotine and nicotine salts, as well as other natural and synthesized alkaloids. Our main markets in China, USA and Europe. This allowed the company to find and create new niches in the market and start producing a large range of unique products that have no analogues on the world market. The company produces key raw materials and finished products at its own facilities, as well as provides supplies of raw materials for third-party manufacturers. Evochemistry holds patents related to JBA products and on the production method of certain nicotine salts..

The main raw materials areas of the company: Production of pure nicotine, free base nicotine, nicotine salt, CBD, JBA complex.

From ready-made products: nicotine-JBA & CBD pouches, candies, capsule balls, gum, sprays, cartridges compatible with JUUL, LOGIC, My Blue and much more. Custom product development, OEM production of products including packaging.

We produce raw materials and final products of the highest quality according to ISO 9001 and HACCP (GMP/GHP) standards, the constant development of our production facilities and product portfolio, the introduction of new solutions allow us to expand and create new trends in the market.

Our production is located in the south of China. We cooperate with many logistics and cargo companies, which allows us to offer delivery worldwide at the lowest price.