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  • Pure nicotine

    Pure nicotine

    Nicotine free base, purity 99,9%, 1000mg/g
  • Pure Synthetic (RS) (L(S)-Nicotine

    Pure Synthetic (RS) (L(S)-Nicotine

    Free-base nicotine, 99.5% purification, concentration of 1000mg/g. Obtained without the use of tobacco raw materials.

Pure nicotine EvoNicotine 99.9%

Nicotine is a natural product obtained from tobacco leaves by various methods, one of which is sulfation followed by leaching and distillation. The purity of more than 99%, confirmed by certificates, complies with European and American pharmacopoeia standards (EP, USP). Because of we have very careful quality control, we can constantly maintain the highest quality of each batch. Pure nicotine EvoNicotine is perfectly combined with any taste and is used by manufacturers of e-cigarette liquids around the world.

Nicotine is a strong stimulant, similar to caffeine, which is found in tobacco leaves, as well as in many other plants that we use daily – tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes and others. Pure nicotine is very toxic and should never be used in concentrated form as it is a strong poison that can cause harm to the body, it should be diluted to a safe concentration before use.

Our nicotine is perfect for vaping, without affecting the taste and smell of the final product.

Pure nicotine is oxidized very easily, as a result of oxidation, nicotine changes its color and smell, which in turn affects the quality of the product. During storage, it is very important to avoid contact of nicotine with oxygen and direct sunlight, and it is also desirable to store it at a temperature not higher than +5 degrees. Our production process and packaging take place in an oxygen-free environment.

Due to the pH level of pure nicotine of 10.2-11, when using it, there is always a throathit.

High-quality nicotine has a noticeable and characteristic smell of nicotine, which does not spoil the taste of liquid for electronic cigarettes. Very often, the smell also depends on the technical process of extracting nicotine from a tobacco leaf.

The pure form of nicotine is a very dangerous substance. Manufacturers should be able to properly manage the production process and protect employees working with this product.

C₁₀H₁₄N₂ L-Free-base Nicotine Synthetic (RS) (L(S)-Nicotine
Purity 99,9% 99,5%
CAS number 54-11-5 22083-74-5
pH level 10,2 10,4
Consistency Liquid
Packaging 1kg, in a chemically resistant container with a membrane and control of the first opening, sealed in the aluminum bag
Usage Liquid for electronic cigarettes and other nicotine-substituting products Liquid for electronic cigarettes and other nicotine-substituting products, but the RS version is not suitable for the manufacture of nicotine salts
Throathit in liquid Medium
Solubility in PG|VG High
Shelf life & temperature 1 year |-25 °C to 5 °C, in a dark place protected from direct sunlight
Smell & taste Natural There is no taste, the smell is slightly chemical
Colour From transparent to a slightly beige shade Slightly beige shade